Getting Started.

Pricing, Budgets
and Payments

  • How will I be charged for my project? How much will it cost?

    Athenaum has a studio rate for projects. Most projects are estimated based on the number of hours required to complete the project. The hourly rate is estimated on a per-project basis. To request an estimate for your project, follow this link or email us at

  • Does Athenaum do Pro-Bono Work for Non-profits or other organizations?

    At this time, Athenaum does not do pro-bono work for organizations, non-profit or for profit. But, we love organizations that are doing great things for communities, and want to be a part of helping you advance your mission, and offer a non-profit rate that’s 10 – 15% lower than the regular studio rate. If you’re a 501c3 organization, and would like to receive the non-profit rate, please let us know when you request an estimate.

Creative Rights

  • When my project is complete, do I own the creative rights?

    As soon as your project is complete, you make final payment and receive the final files, the “creative rights” are transferred to your organization. The only right that Athenaum maintains is the “right of authorship” (the exclusive right to say that we created the design - "bragging rights"). You can use your design product for any purpose that you see fit. Athenaum maintains all creative rights until a project is paid in full.

  • I’d like to Trademark or get Copyright protection for my brand. Can you help with this?

    Yes. Once your project is complete, we can complete and submit trademark applications for your brand. We can also submit your documents for Copyright protection. Fees for trademark and copyright submission services will be estimated at the time of the request.

Working With

  • Athenaum Design is a Studio”. What’s the difference between a Studio and an Agency?

    Design Studio
    A design studio usually provides design services exclusively, or, is focused on design and provides limited quantity of other marketing services. Think specialty boutique or niche grocer. “Full service” studios provide a range of design services, and other studios may specialize in a niche (Motion Graphics, Brands, Animation, etc.). Athenaum is a “full- service” studio – we produce print, digital, motion, and brand development, and work on both “Conceptual” (the big idea) and Production (building the look and the materials). Some studios may have a specific style, medium, or process that makes them unique, but Athenaum works in a variety of styles and media. The team at a studio is usually made up of design, creative and project management specialists.

    An “agency” generally provides a combination of strategy, Ad-buying and “creative” services. Most “agencies” specialize in a type of clientele, a market segment (ex: retail, Fortune 500, or real estate). The makeup of the staff is generally a mix of Account management, buying, strategy, and “creative” staff. Agencies usually maintain larger teams (5 – 150 people), and the rates are often higher than a studio. Sometimes, Agencies collaborate or outsource “creative” to studios for production.
    Athenaum collaborates with agencies for projects, and it’s common for large agencies, who specialize in strategy or ad buying services, or who have genius in a specific aesthetic to collaborate with smaller studios for specific projects, to achieve a new look, create effects, or to inject more creative vision into a project or campaign.

  • Most of my experience is in collaborating with a large agency. What will be different?

    Most agencies have large teams, with account management staff. Athenaum is a small studio, and you'll be collaborating directly with creative professionals and/or your project manager. Your rates will also typically be 10 – 25% lower than with a large agency for a project.

  • I usually work with a freelancer. What will be different?

    Most freelancers provide a single or limited scope of services. Collaborating with a studio will give you access to a broader range of services with a single point of contact. If you're used to having freelancers on-site, the transition to collaborating with a studio may require a little more planning.

  • I’m already working with another agency but I want to add Athenaum to the mix. Is that bad mojo?

    No, it’s not bad mojo (at least not most of the time). If you’ve already begun working with a professional marketer, SEO specialist, or social media strategist, or an agency, just bring us the strategy that you sign-off on, and we can work with your organization to execute the strategy. But, do keep in mind that many marketing firms and strategists like to provide design services as well, so it might be good idea to let them know if you want “strategy only” and that you intend to work with another firm for execution. If you need extensive marketing strategy and design, let us know at the start of the project, and we can make a recommendation for a few collaborative agencies/specialists who will do a great job on your project, and are great collaborators.

  • Do you collaborate with other designers, studios or design firms?

    We do collaborate with Creative Directors and in-house designers and teams, and they usually take on the role of a very informed client. We also collaborate with larger agencies on projects. If you’re working with another designer/ design firm, and want us to take over a project, please collect all project elements, and we can be sure to make a complete transition to complete the project.


  • I need SEO for my website. Does Athenaum provide SEO services?

    SEO has become a highly specialized area of marketing. It’s important to work with a specialist. We don’t provide SEO services alone as a service in-house. If you’re purchasing a complete website (Design and development) or a website re-design, your project estimate will include pricing for a SEO service vendor included, specialized in your market segment. If you’re purchasing web content management services, your estimate will include an option for SEO services as an upgrade.

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  • What about social media. Can you provide a plan for making posts to social?

    Athenaum produces visual content / graphics for social media, including static images, animated gifs, video, and motion graphics suitable for social channels. We can design the graphics and deliver them to you as a pack, or, schedule and publish the posts to your channels.

  • Does Athenaum offer ad-buying services?

    Athenaum can provide ad buying services, for Print, outdoor and digital/online advertising, for Ad campaigns that we are designing for your organization. At your request, we will purchase the ads on your behalf at the advertiser's published rates, and you will be billed at the time of the request. We don’t purchase broadcast (TV) advertising at this time.

    We typically work on buys up to $100,000. If you need to buy a large quantity of advertising, need ads purchased nationally, or across regions we recommend that you collaborate with an ad buyer, or ad buying service, to help to structure your purchases, and attain the best bang for your advertising dollar.


  • Do you host and manage websites?

    Yes, Athenaum can design and build your website, provide a hosting service and update / manage your website as needed. Hosting and management is billed on a monthly basis.

  • Can you update my existing website?

    In most cases, yes. If you have a site that’s currently on the web, and you need changes, we can make modifications per your request on a one-time basis, or ongoing on a monthly, or weekly schedule.

  • My organization needs a new website design, but, I’d like to have it updated in-house. Is that an option?

    Yes. We can design, build and test your site, and all sites we design are built with a CMS backend, (Content Management System) that allows non-technical users to make changes. Once your website is complete, we’ll provide access to you and your team to make changes as needed. But, keep in mind that major changes (adding functionality, extensive coding, or lots of new data) may still require the services of a design professional or developer. Depending on the experience of your team, and the frequency of updates, it might be a good idea to budget for a few hours a month on an MSA for management of your site, to account for larger changes that may be needed, even if you plan to manage it in-house.