From Direct Mail, to Magazines, Annual Reports, Catalogs and Sales Kits, print collateral is that go-to medium when you need a well-established, and easy-to-understand tool to communicate with your audience and promote your brand.



Direct Mail and Promotions

For Colleges and Universities, Consumer Brands, Non-profits, and businesses large and small -- using direct mail is a smart tool your organization uses to stay top-of-mind for clients, customers, donors and decision-makers.

For each project or series of promotions, we’ll develop a direct mail plan, design multiple design directions for you to choose from, and produce press-ready materials. We can even manage printing and mailing, circular inserts, and distribution.




Digital Publications

Digital versions of print publications are a great way to reduce printing cost, and extend the experience of a publication or campaign, through interactivity and integrations, including embedded video, audio, animation, slideshows, and links to download more information. Our digital publications blend the best of print and digital platforms, in a way that’s easy to share.








We love to partner with organizations and brands to craft Annual Reports. Your annual report should tell your organization’s story, and frame your wins, express the brand ethos, and share goals and milestones, packaging it all in a publication that’s creative and memorable. Our goal for each report, is to produce a publication, print or digital, that is expressive, bold, unexpected, and illuminates crucial data using fresh and fearless approach.



Concept Driven

Each publication starts with an idea – a central concept, around which we select each image, and build each layout, illustration, infographic, color palette and type treatment.





Magazine, Catalog, Newsletter & Book Publishing

For monthly, bimonthly, quarterly and annual publications, Athenaum can be your layout partner, to create fresh, new look and feel for your magazine, newsletter or catalog, or complete layout and publish within your existing brand guidelines.

We design iconic covers and jackets for books and magazines, and produce interior layout for long form publications up to 300 pages.






Design for Print


  • Annual Reports
  • Direct Mail
  • Brochures
  • Product Packaging Design
  • Book Design

  • Magazine Design
  • Sales Kits
  • Point of Purchase Display
  • Postcard Campaigns
  • Promotions